Crumpets – Sourdough

As my year as a house husband draws to a close, I’ve noticed I’ve become more urgent about trying to achieve things. So when the opportunity to do something I normally wouldn’t do comes up, I’m more inclined to leap at it.

My friend Maegan, whose name has NOT been changed to conspicuously reveal her identity, sent me a message about how she just dreamed up sourdough crumpets. I hadn’t even thought of making normal crumpets before, but a quick search made me realise they were doable, and a quick crumpet batch on yeast made me realise they were easy.*

So. I looked up sourdough crumpets, and a few things bobbed up. I have this method where I look at a bunch of recipes, and then try to remember them, and whatever I come up with I claim as my own. Well, this is MY recipe, cobbled together from about 6 things I may or may not have looked at. The point is, the ones I made are great, and here’s how to do it.


2 Tbl of sourdough starter

1.5 cups flour

1.5 cups water

1 tsp Sugar

pinch of salt

Some milk (like a splash… enough to dissolve the next ingredient)

1 tsp Bi-carb


  • Mix together your starter, then water, then flour, then sugar (Pic 1)
  • Let it sit until it bubbles (Pic 2)
  • Add salt, and mix milk and bicarb together. Incorporate into the batter.
  • Turn on the pan, throw in the eggs rings, and drizzle with your chosen fat (coconut oil, butter etc)
  • Spoon 1 Tbl spoon of batter into the rings. It’s actually pretty tricky, because the batter is sticky. Make the crumpet as thin as you can.
  • Cook until the top doesn’t look wet, and the crumpet comes away from the sides of the ring (Pic 3)
  • Flip for a minute. It won’t look like the ones in the shop, but nothing good ever does. (Pic 4)
  • EAT! And actually, they are better re-toasted the next day. (Pic 5)

crumpet 1

crumpet 2

crumpet 3

crumpet 4

crumpet 5

*So many jokes could be made here about “crumpets” being “doable” and “easy”. But I’m better than that.

Jake Ryan Jersey