Beans – Dried Preparation

The Preparation of Dried Beans into something resembling a Can of Beans

We have had some supply issues of canned beans of late. As in, there has been no supply. But I am trying to apply my permaculture training that says “every problem is an opportunity”! And I would also like to complete my business mission that is “To get as close to ones food source as possible” (just made that up, but it could work?).

So, by buying dried beans we are removing one of the processing steps (canning) so we are closer to our food. And the time it takes you to prepare the beans is paid back in appreciation and smug sense of superiority when you let slip to friends that you prepared the beans from scratch*.

So, Kidney beans:

  • Put the 180g (1 cup) beans in  3 cups water. (Roughly. Just cover them up real good)
  • Let those boys sit for 48hrs.
  • Boil them for an 4 hours. Yep. Ages. Still a bit nutty? Keep boiling. Put more water in as needed.
  • From the 180g of dried beans, you end up with 2 x 220g lots to replicate two cans of beans. Here’s the pictures for proof.

Dry beans

Soaked beans

Frozen beans

Packed beans

Economically, 180g of beans costs about $2.40, from which you get 2 “cans” of beans. So $1.20/can, saving 80c. Also saving the tinned waste. It does take a long time, but as we always say to our impatient two year old “Good food takes time!”. We also always say to him “You have to wear pants, we’re in public”. But that’s for another time.

*without planting, growing, harvesting, processing for sale, marketing, etc the beans.

Jake Ryan Jersey