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Started making Kombucha last year, and I think I have just about nailed it. Had many trials get tipped down the sink,or just drunk with an upturned nose, but the issues are ironed! If you don’t now much about Kombucha, read about it here. You need to have SCOBY (Symbiotic Bacteria OF Bacteria and Yeast) to […]

Recipe 220g plain Flour 50g Corn flour 100g raw sugar 225g butter 50g macadamia 50g sour cherry   Method I made icing sugar out of the raw sugar first. Feel free to just use icing sugar. I’m not your Mum. Added the fruit and nuts and blended them a bit. Added the flours and butter […]

Organic farming uses low intervention techniques in order to control pests that inevitably occur as a result of a large scale farming operation. This means organic pesticides (which could include pyrethrum or copper sulphates), crop rotations and inter-planting are all used to varying degrees in order to get the elusive “Organic” status. But this doesn’t […]

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