Green Caravan

Green Caravan is a bulk ordering group that buys pantry items on a monthly basis, and delivers them to your door. By buying in bulk we reduce postage costs and packaging waste. We specialise in flours, grains, nuts, dried fruit, Cacao products and gluten free things.

We support producers who are small, niche, and make their goods in a sustainable and eco-friendly way.

Green is Emma’s favourite colour, and is supposed to represent eco friendly. And Caravan sounds hippy-ish and communal. Let’s buy great food together!




We try to sell things you can’t get in the normal shops. It might be that the producer is too small for the big players, or it’s a weird food, or or it’s an organic version of something common. Green Caravan is a service that is trying to diversify food habits. We are trying to increase options for customers, so we aren’t tied to buying whatever it is a supermarket tells us to.


We’ll favour a local producer over an internationally organic one. The more local a product, the more questions can be asked of how it is produced. Buying local gives us the power to say what we are happy to support with our money, and what we would rather not support (even if it’s cheaper! Price point isn’t our determining feature when selecting products…).


Organic producers are usually trying to farm in a sustainable way, by looking after their soils, managing their water and avoiding pesticides. But sometimes we just don’t know how a product is farmed. Did they just convert their pesticides to organic pesticides, but are still involved in wholesale soil degradation/water mismanagment? We don’t know, that’s why buying local is more important to us.

Mr Phil

Phil thinks a lot about how food is produced, and how we fancy-living consumer types can get closer to our food, and the good people who produce it. He is a high school teacher, and also holds a Permaculture Design Certificate. Need a new backyard with food in it? Ask him. He runs the website, and does some heavy lifting when required.

Ms Emma

Emma built this business up over a few years while being on maternity leave with our son before stepping back into work as an occupational therapist… She’s on maternity leave again, so is the admin guru and customer care consultant. She also makes all the treats that appear on Facebook and instagram. She’s organised, smart and hungry… The kids are Moses, he’s 4 and Frankie, she’s 1 – they sometimes draw on receipt slips 😉