Hello and welcome to Green Caravan!

In the past, we have been an online organic whole food store, but we are currently changing things up a bit.

There have been some major roadblocks over the past six months, with our wholesale stock suppliers limiting product sizes, upping ordering minimums, increasing freight charges, and changing delivery conditions. This has really impacted on our (very) small business…

We thought this was a good opportunity to stop, take a break, and actually think about what direction we want to take Green Caravan. It really has been a pleasure to run Green Caravan while we had babies, and while they’ve been growing up. But now that we are each back to working our ‘day (/real!) jobs’, the time we have at home is more valuable than ever.

We love selling our (Emma’s Dad’s) local, grass-fed Highvale Beef through the website… We have just met some fabulous farmers from Murgon, who run a permaculture property with pigs – their pork and bacon is second to none, and we’d love to make that available to Brisbane residents through Green Caravan too… Phil’s part-time permaculture garden is really taking off out at Highvale, and he’s hoping to have chemical-free vege boxes available throughout the year sometime…

So there are things in the pipeline for Green Caravan, but for now, that doesn’t involve organic whole foods… We hope you’ll continue to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with what’s happening and when you can order your meat and vege!

Thanks for your support!

Phil and Emma.